Lipedema-The Disease They Call FAT

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There are an estimated 17 million women in the USA that have the fat disorder lipedema and don’t know it, and many more globally. Filmmaker and patient Catherine Seo brings us on a journey of discovery, as she explores this misunderstood and commonly misdiagnosed disease.

When her own lipedema diagnosis was overlooked, Catherine’s seemingly inexplicable weight gain during peri-menopause led to complications, several surgeries, and eventually to incapacitating pain and threatened mobility. Catherine knew there was more to what was happening than just regular “FAT”. Her surgeon could not explain the worsening symptoms, and simply attributed it to her weight. When he would not investigate other possible explanations, she knew that if there was an answer, she was going to have to be the one to find it.

During her inquiry and research, Catherine traveled across the US and to Europe and the UK, looking for the answers to her many questions, interviewing experts and patients as she went along. She began to understand why many patients never receive the care and help they need, regardless of their tremendous efforts to achieve wellness. She heard many stories about the prevalence of Anti-Fat bias in healthcare and also of the innovation of a handful of doctors in treating this disease. As the pieces came together, a bigger story emerged. The documentary, The Disease They Call FAT, is that story. Produced by Lipedema Simplified Productions in partnership with the Friedman Center for Lymphedema Research & Treatment.

What people are saying about the film!

“The Disease They Call FAT is the opening salvo making clear that there is no turning back in the fight against lipedema. Some documentaries tell a story. This one starts a movement. Powerful. Insightful. Informative. This film introduces us to a disease hiding in plain sight, and makes a compelling case that it is time to end the suffering.”

~ William Repicci, Executive Director, Lymphatic Education & Research Network

“I am deeply honored to be associated with the film project entitled The Disease They Call FAT. Provocative, illuminating and informative, this film turns the spotlight on the common, distressing and poorly understood medical condition lipedema that cries out for attention and medical advances. The film not only explains the problem, it provides much-needed hope in the way that it highlights the awakening of medical interest and the research questions that are beginning to be answered.”

~Stanley Rockson, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine

“I just want to thank you so very much on behalf of myself and on behalf of so many people around the world for your documentary, it (and the processes that you engaged to make it) will single-handedly be the main reason for a shift in thinking and education and research for lipedema. Thank you.”

~Leanne Thompson, Stage 4 Lipedema, Queensland, Australia

“Catherine Seo’s groundbreaking documentary The Disease They Call FAT is a beautifully done work that will enlighten the world on the under-recognized and under-appreciated disease lipedema. It is heartfelt and compelling, and I am proud to be part of the story. May it inspire physicians to learn, and ultimately help those suffering with this misunderstood condition.”

~David Amron, MD, Lipedema Surgeon, Beverly Hills, CA

“This video will in my honest opinion be an awesome tool in an abundance of ways. It is so enlightening, a great healer, it will provide us Lippie sisters with a means of understanding and proof that it is indeed not our fault. With new found enlightenment, we can choose a path to self forgiveness and self love, to accept ourselves and know there are means to bring relief in our attainment to our individual optimal health.”

~Pauline Law, Lipolymphedema patient, Queensland, Australia

“I’ve just sat and watched the documentary in my office with many tearful moments. It is simply an amazing piece of work of which you and all the ladies, doctors, surgeons, support groups, and the film crew should be immensely proud. I’ve learned so much from that hour and it is of particular interest to learn more about the idea that it may be a lymph disorder first which then causes the fat problem….It is of utmost importance that as many people see this documentary as possible and I will share in every avenue I can.”

~Mary Fickling, Therapist, London, UK

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