Tell Us How Lipedema Has Impacted Your Life

Catherine introduces The Disease They Call FAT and shares a few short clips. A lipedema patient talks about the experience of finally being diagnosed with lipedema, but the doctor had no idea about treatments. A doctor addresses anti-fat bias in the medical world and the challenge of dealing with your health pro-actively in face of marginalization. And a researcher talks about the need for greater awareness about lipedema, as that’s the only thing that will drive research forward.

Catherine recounts the profound shift that happened for her when she finally was diagnosed with lipedema and realized it’s wasn’t her fault. Information is empowering, and knowing she had lipedema empowered Catherine to do something about it. She encourages you to take action. If you think you may have lipedema, find out. Talk to your family, your partner, and your doctor, share your experience and know that there is a community of support for you. And most importantly, it’s not your fault. Again, your voice matters. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.