The Lipedema Movement Has Already Begun

Catherine announces the release of The Disease They Call FAT Friday Sept. 18. Hours and hours of footage not included in the film has also been made into an online library of interviews with 70 doctors, surgeons, therapists, advocates, patients, and researchers available for purchase. And for the next 5 days, you can receive the Launch Special, with a bonus meditation CD and group of free videos from the library.

Catherine reiterates the most important thing is to stand up for yourself. Find out if you have lipedema, talk to your family and your doctor, educate yourself, and find the best treatment for you. There are treatments available that can change your life. And keep sharing your own voice and experience. Every woman’s voice contributes in bringing attention to this little known and under diagnosed disease. Spread the word so more people become aware of lipedema. Share your comments here and share these videos to educate others about lipedema.