Together We’ve Made A Difference

Meet Catherine Seo, director and producer of The Disease They Call FAT, and hear her story with lipedema. After years of struggle and misdiagnosis, she finally found she has lipedema, and took off on a journey to find answers. Traveling around the world with her video camera, Catherine met doctors, researchers, therapists, advocates, surgeons, and women like her who had lipedema. Not only did she find answers, she also discovered a powerful support network. Catherine’s quest became The Disease They Call FAT. Now she’s sharing all the information that she wish she’d had when she was trying to find answers. Most importantly she wants you to know lipedema is a little-known fat disease. It’s not your fault.

The community that Catherine discovered is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s becoming a movement. Thousands of women around the world are coming together to raise awareness about lipedema. She encourages you to share your voice and experience. Every woman’s voice is needed. We’d love to hear your comments about the video and anything you’d like to share.