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2 DVDs + CD $84.85
2 DVDs + CD $34.95
SPECIAL LIMITED offer (50% off plus bonus CD) HOLIDAY 2017 (while supplies last) Complete BUNDLE includes:
  • 2 DVDs, one for you and one for your healthcare provider, family or friends ($69.90 value)
  • CD “Loving Kindness Meditations for Lipedema Ladies” ($14.95 value)

Purchase one 55 minute documentary, The Disease They Call FAT, on DVD with subtitles in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish and receive one additional DVD to share with your doctor, therapist, other healthcare provider, family or friends.

This special edition DVD includes a series of extras (lipedema symposium 2015 highlights, the making of a movement, families to families) as well as a special Clinicians to Clinicians section that is specially developed for healthcare providers featuring Dr. Matthew Carmody, Primary Care Physician from Harvard Medical School and Dr. Kimberly Gudzune, Obesity Medicine Specialist from Johns Hopkins.

In this bundle, you also receive a bonus of the CD – Loving Kindness Meditations for Lipedema Ladies.

TOTAL VALUE: $84.85 for $34.95 (50% off)

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